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Welcome to Hidden Valley Discovery Park

 We open again on March 30th 2015 ..see you then!!

 Have fun in the Forbidden Mansion exploring the secret passageways and beating the challenges of the new Moriarty's Missions. Boggle your brain solving the clues on the Indiana and Sherlock Holmes' Trails. Discover our Hobbit House, find your way to the centre of our confusing maze and get on board and take a nostalgic ride behind our miniature stream and diesel trains. 

Theres' so much to do for everyone!!


Restaurant (FREE ENTRY)  Pop in for a coffee and cake or a light lunch

   Watch video here and discover more!


Footwear advice:

If there's a bit of Mizzle  (That's mist and drizzle in Cornish!) Bring your wellies to wear in the park.




 An extraordinary adventure park! Joshua, Llandudno.

What a refreshing change! Gina, Exeter

Great, great, great family fun!! Paul, Plymouth